Art Process Demonstration – Juneau, Alaska!

Art Process Demonstration – Juneau, Alaska!

Ever wondered about the creative process, and all the many steps and layers that lead to a finished painting? Every time that I do a live demonstration, I am struck by how captivated everyone is by seeing the process of making art. There truly is something magical about the journey.

I recently completed this commissioned painting of whale watching in Juneau, in which I transformed one of my patron’s favorite vacation moments into a work of art. It was a joy to create, so I want to share the different steps of the process with all of you. Here are images of the painting as it evolved into its finished form!

One thought on “Art Process Demonstration – Juneau, Alaska!

  1. Lovin’ all the additions ( the small boat, tree & water definition and ongoing adjustments with value & color. Each step creates a different “feel” from beforehand as you rework this wonderful image.

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