What is a Hairy Coo?

What is a Hairy Coo?

Hairy Coo Finished

What is a hairy coo? I am glad you asked! In simplest terms, the hairy coo is a Scottish cow. But in truth, it is so much more.

I was fortunate enough to spot a hairy coo in the wild during my trip to the Scottish Highlands. The sight was so surreal, it completely took my breath away! The long, powerful horns, combined with the flowing, shaggy coat that was so prolific that it completely obscured the great beast’s eyes (how the hairy coo is able is able to see at all is one of life’s great mysteries) – there is nothing like it in the world! What a magnificent animal!

When searching my trip photographs for inspiration to create my first adult coloring page, I decided that I could not ask for a more glorious or unique subject! Now, you can make your own hairy coo work of art with this FREE adult coloring page!

Hairy Coo Coloring Page 

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