Art to Evoke Wonder

Art to Evoke Wonder

Awakening 1

There are many definitions for art, and varying opinions for its purpose. Today, I choose to embrace the words of Marc Chagall, who stated, “The dignity of the artist lies in his duty of keeping awake the sense of wonder in the world.” In this post, I want to highlight an abstract painting that I created titled “Awakening.” This painting was made during a time of significant change in my life, and was a visual way for me to make sense of new feelings and experiences. It shows the beauty I found in the unknown, and the glow that will always come from embracing human compassion and love.


As we all know, we are currently facing terrifying and unprecedented events. And yet, in the midst of so much fear and uncertainty, there are many elements of beauty that shine through. Friends who I have not spoken to in years are reaching out, individuals are finding increasingly more creative ways to connect, and people are starting to think of the collective whole rather than just themselves.


This is my first blog entry on, and I will continue to post entries to bring those small moments of light during this difficult time. I want to bring beauty through art to people’s day – not to downplay the magnitude of what is happening, but to allow for small moments to experience relief and hope.


In future posts, I will include everything from funny travel vignettes about places that I have painted, to demonstrations of the artistic process and techniques, to craft ideas for kids (and those who are young at heart), to adult coloring pages, to calming images with the sole purpose of providing a serene moment. I invite you all to join me on this new adventure. If I can brighten one person’s day, I will have accomplished my goal. 


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